Brazil 2.0 for Rhino SR3 发布更新

Hi All

Brazil 2.0 for Rhino 第三个修正版现在发布更新,你可以透过下面的网址直接下载:

这是第三个修正版,我们已经修复了上百个已知的错误且增加了许多新的特征,众多实用的新特征包括:解析性置换贴图(analytic displacement)、七彩镀膜(thin film iridescence)、两点透视、细胞纹理、纸张着色材质(paper shader)等,且改善相关界面。



   – Per object and material analytic displacement.
   – Environment scaling added (in Brazil option, environment panel)
   – Defaults changes – shadows, skylight, environment sky on by default and higher anti-aliasing.
   – Support for Rhino 5 two-point perspective.
   – Thin film iridescence added to all reflection options
   – Display while rendering control added to detailed system settings
   – Reversed normal setting added to occlusion texture to support depth based occlusion
   – Paper shader added to Brazil Advanced Material – backlighting support.  Good for paper lanterns, fabrics etc.
   – Support for Rhino ground plane in exclusion lists
   – Brazil Advanced Cellular texture added
   – Added Brazil Curvature Texture
   – “Self” support added to Exclude lists where possible.
   – Override max ray depth option added to Chrome, Glass, BAM and Porcelain
   – RenderBlowup retains the previous frame buffer and renders over the top of the previous rendering if possible.
   – Motion blur reimplemented to work with both Bongo 2.0 and Bongo 1.0
   – Improvements to BAM transparency/opacity viewport simulation
   – Allow > 100% connection values for textures.
   – Thin translucency texture.
   – Cellular texture
   – Rhino 5.0 panel based settings UI.
   – Saved preset files are now displayed in the presets manager.


   – GI environment blur section previews were unstable and slow.
   – Default light was still on when light dome present.
   – Custom render meshes that use the existing object material are correctly handled.
   – Light and sun graphics improved and several bugs fixed.
   – Brazil took over resolution setting while other renderers were current.
   – Brazil render settings panel disappeared when the renderer was changed.
   – Document settings did not reset when loading a 3dm file that had no previous Brazil data.
   – Decals with complex block transforms rendered incorrectly.
   – Decals did not work correctly on block inserts
   – Porcelain specular color did not work
   – Renderblowup command did not render the same area that has been selected in the viewport.
   – Physical sky environment did not respond to linear workflow correctly.
   – Shadow/Light shaders were not allowed in filter slots.
   – Workaround for bug in Rhino 4.0 and 5.0 SR0 with Mask texture returning a value in the alpha channel.
   – Linear workflow gamma correction was incorrect for environments.