Brazil rendering for Rhino – Beta 17

免费的 Brazil r/s 2.0 for Rhino Beta 17 版开放下载,以下是这个版本的更新摘要:
  • Added Output Adjustment section to most textures (image based, procedural, HDR).
  • Added global environment background multiplier, and per-environment override on Brazil Adv. Environment.
  • Optimizations to geometry code – approximately 10-15% speed increase across all models.
  • Default contents are now loaded from two folders on disk.
  • Tools menu added to content editor. Allows for editing defaults, deleting unused content etc.
  • Check box added to all Opacity buttons in Advanced Material; switches between Opacity and Transparency.
  • Menu items added to Rhino Menu; Surface::Create Brazil Plane & Sphere, Render::Create Brazil Light Portal.
  • Tool bars added to Content Editors.
  • Removed automatic restore feature for content editors and Brazil options.
  • Thumbnail view context menu improved.
  • Content Editor icons improved.
  • Constant background environments render much faster.
  • Material harvesting now includes children.
  • Simple UIs added to Luma Server, Render Cache and Image Sampling settings dialogs.