PanelingTools New Release for Rhino 4.0 SR5 更新版本

新版本的 PanelingTools for Rhino 4.0 SR5 外挂程序开放下载,这个版本的更新摘要如下:


  • ptSerializeObjects. Adds serializing tag or name to objects (points, curves, surfaces, etc) relative to:
  • Selection order.
  • World coordinates.
  • User-defined direction.
  • Reference surface.
  • ptExtrudeEdges. Extrude paneling edges normal to a base surface or by a user-defined direction.
  • ptOffsetEdges. Offset paneling edges using base surface.
  • ptFinEdges. Fin paneling edges using base surface.
  • 新增的功能:

    • Added “Connect” option to offset points command to draw connecting lines.
    • Added the ability to define more than one polyline in the 2d pattern manager per pattern.
    • Labels for faces and edges have now a new prefix which is layer name.
    • Changed the name of command ptRemoveOverlap to pCleanOverlap.
    • Added overlap tolerance to ptCleanOverlap command that:
    • Deletes grid points that are within tolerance in the u direction.
    • Moves points within tolerance in v direction to overlap.


    • Fix out of memory bug when reading older files. This was due to a bug in the file I/O of previous release. You may loose saved data when you open older data (such as patterns), but reading the file shouldn’t cause an out of memory bug. If it does, load protect against PanelingTools (use PluginManager) before opening the file.
    • Fix preview bugs in the 2d pattern manager.
    • Fix a bug when loading PT scripting file for Monkey (.synaxml).