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 Added the new ptPanelGridCustomVariable command with history support. This command allows input 
 pattern to scale, rotate, move or morph based on curvature, attractors or randomly.
 Added new command ptMeanCurves to find intermediate curves between start and end curves. it does
 not do curve seam matching. You need to use CrvSeam to align the 2 shapes seam before running the 
 Added new ptSwapGridUV command to swap UV direction of a paneling grid.
 Added new ptWeaveGrids command to merge two paneling grids.
 Added new ptConvertToDiagonalGrid command to change the standard rectangular paneling grid to a
  diagonal one.
 Added new ptConvertToDiamondGrid command to change the standard rectangular paneling grid to a 
 diamond one.
 Added 4 new commands to save and load 2d and 3d patterns to and from a text file format. Those are
  the patterns created with the 2D/3D pattern manager.
 Added the new command ptExtractCenterGrid. It generates a new grid based on the center points of 
 some input grid.
 Added 8 new scripting functions.
 Added "undo" option to ptManage2DPatterns and ptManage3DPatterns commands.
 Added ProjectionDirection option to ptPanelSurface and ptPanelCurve command when PanelShape=
 Added AttractorCurves option to commands: ptOffsetBorder, ptOffestPoints, ptExtrudeEdge, 
 ptOffsetEdge and ptFinEdges.
 Added history support to ptOffsetPoints command.
 Added new output format options to ptPanel3D command. It is now possible to choose to output
  edges, faces, solids and/or meshes.
 Updated all ptPanel3D built-in patterns to output selected format. Patterns WireBox and Box
  are merged into one.
 Fixed ptDirection bug. When rows length is not equal, reversing the direction did not realign end points to be in one column
 Fixed a history bug in ptPanelGridCustom command.
 Made faces directions consistent when using built-in patterns in ptPanelGrid command.
 Fix ptGridCurve bug. the command used to fail if it cannot calculate a preview grid when no projection is found. the command
  now allow the user to get to the next step to reset projection and extrusion directions to get desired grid.
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