PanelingTools for Rhino 4.0 版本更新 (2009-6-8)

新版本的 PanelingTools for Rhino 4.0 外挂程序开放下载,这个版本的更新摘要如下:

  • 新指令:
  • ptGridSurfaceDomain. It divides a surface by its UV domain. Divide method can be byNumber, byArcLength or byCordLength. There are options to select base point and change UV directions. The command also supports history.
  • ptPlanarLips to create variable offset of planar (unrolled) faces.
  • ptChanegeGridDensity. Helps increase and decrease grid density in U and V directions.
  • ptExtendGrid to extend a paneling grid by user-defined distance in U and V directions.

  • 新功能:
    • Added an option to ptDivideSurfaceUV to divide the surface by CordLength. The command already support dividing byNumber and ByArcLength.
    • ptUnifiyFacesDirection (previously ptUnifyFacesNormal) has new options to adjust the faces U and V directions to match the base surface.
    • It is now possible to project paneling edges/faces in a user-defined direction. Use "PanelShape=Projected" in ptPanelGrid command

  • 修正的错误:
    • Few bug fixes and refinements to ptUnroll commands.
    • Fix and I/O crash bug.