PanelingTools 新版本 (2009-7-7)与使用手冊

PanelingTools 使用手册 (约 80 页) 与新版的 PanelingTools 外挂程序开放下载,使用手册中有镶板铺设流程、指令与选项的详细说明。以下是这个版本的更新摘要:

  • Fixed a bug when creating flat faces. They used to fail when selecting a base surface.
  • Added ptShiftGrid button to the toolbar and menu.
  • Added grouped serialized mesh faces instead of one mesh when using AddMesh option in ptPanelGrid command.
  • Added preceding zeros to objects names in ptSerializeObjects command for better numeric ordering.
  • Fixed crash in ptUnrollEdges command when edges are outside the reference surface or polysurface.
  • Fixed a crash bug in ptPanelSurface and ptPanelGrid commands.
  • Fixed a crash bug when paneling with “Iso” option.
  • Toolbar commands now cancel current command when calling them.