Brazil rendering for Rhino – Beta 18

免费的 Brazil r/s 2.0 for Rhino Beta 18 版开放下载,以下是这个版本的更新摘要:
  • Support for multiple file drag/drop on content editor.
  • Default button on panel headers now asks for confirmation.
  • Toolbar and simple anti-aliasing UI presets rationalized.
  • Option to save embedded files when saving to a library file.
  • Simple UIs added to Render Cache, Render Pass, Photon Map, Ray Server, Environment and System settings dialogs.
  • Warning when embedded files are unpacked into an un-searched folder.
  • Photon focus override for parallel lights now uses the scene bounding box to calculate size.
  • Icons added to Sun Load, Save and Options Load, Save and Render buttons.
  • Extract and Remove Embedded files options added to shell context menu for rmtl, renv and rtex files