RhinoGold 2.0 正式发布

TDM Solutions 正式发表 RhinoGold 2.0

RhinoGold 2.0 新增许多有趣的功能,帮助您设计的更快、更好。除此之外,原来的功能也有所改善,以下是部分的更新摘要:

  • Fleximetrical Technology: allows creating parametrical objects to be edited without the complexity of the standard linear parametrical tree of parametrical softwares.
  • Performance ¡§Optimization¡¨ for Gems: this functionality simplifies the gem shape, it improves x24 the performance
  • Gem creator: allows creating any gem shape using a curve.
  • Paves: powerful tools for pave design, in Automatic, Along UV and Dynamic Mode.
  • Jewelry Vault and Library: users can create their own component libraries to use them in future design, they can be edited.
  • Relief Studio: 3D organic shapes from curves in meshes or surfaces.
  • 3D Textures: from an image, creates easily a 3D texture on an object.
  • Rendering Compatibility (and includes jewelry material library for Flamingo, Brazil r/s and Hypershot). More details…
  • Animation Studio: allows creating videos in seconds using Real Time Render or your favourite render engine.

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