德国斯徒加特大学开办运算设计研究所 (Computational Design, ICD)

Opening of the Institute for Computational Design (ICD) at the University of
Stuttgart. Inauguration Lecture by Prof. Achim Menges

In recent years, the impact of computer processes on the fields of design,
planning and construction has accelerated. Never before has such a broad
range of technologies been available to architects within such a short
period of time. This is different to the proliferation and use of Computer
Aided Design (CAD) as a digital drawing tool, and means for efficient
project planning and coordination. The technologies available address the
growing importance of computational design as a novel, integrative and
substantial design tool that poses the need for fundamental changes in
design methodology for architectural practice.

For the teaching and research of this topic, the Institute for Computational
Design at the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning, University of
Stuttgart has been newly founded under the direction of Professor Achim
Menges, who has previously taught for seven years at the renowned
Architectural Association in London. The scientific team, lead by Professor
Menges and consisting of experts who recently completed their studies in
London, have been employed since the beginning of the year and are
investigating the possibilities of an architectural design process that
navigates the complex interactions of material, shape, structure, and
environment through generative, computational processes. The research has
focused on new techniques, such as parametric, algorithmic and evolutionary
design strategies, to introduce functional, constructive, and creative
values to the initial stages of a design process that intends to find
potential solutions in the integration of such criteria.

On July 9th, Prof. Achim Menges, in his Inaugural lecture, will describe the
intentions for the teaching and research of the Institute. As a part of the
event, Brett Steele, director of the Architectural Association of London,
will lecture on the future challenges of architectural training and

The event takes places from 19.00h to 21.00h at the University of Stuttgart,
Kepler Strasse 17 in Auditorium 17.02. The Institute website is also online
at http://icd.uni-stuttgart.de.

In the course of its teaching and research, the Institute for Computational
Design at the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning, University of
Stuttgart relies on Rhino quite heavily. Here some work that has been done
by the researchers, as well as the students through courses being taught by
the institute.


将要在 Pasadena 举办的 T-Splines 教育研讨会 – 7月16日

位于 Pasadena 的 Forward Design Office 将与办 T-Splines for Rhino 教育研讨会,由 T-Splines 创办人 Matt Sederberg 主讲。您可以现在就报名这项一天的课程。

日期:2009年7月16日 (四) 时间:5:00PM-9:30 PM 地点:Forward Design Office, 758 E Colorado Blvd Suite 210, Pasadena, CA 91101 费用:US$750.00 (内含一套 T-Splines 2.0 的授权) 或 US$200.00 (仅课程)

请自备笔记本电脑,名额有限,请尽早报名。报名请洽 Jeffrey Kim



PanelingTools 新版本 (2009-7-7)与使用手冊

PanelingTools 使用手册 (约 80 页) 与新版的 PanelingTools 外挂程序开放下载,使用手册中有镶板铺设流程、指令与选项的详细说明。以下是这个版本的更新摘要:

  • Fixed a bug when creating flat faces. They used to fail when selecting a base surface.
  • Added ptShiftGrid button to the toolbar and menu.
  • Added grouped serialized mesh faces instead of one mesh when using AddMesh option in ptPanelGrid command.
  • Added preceding zeros to objects names in ptSerializeObjects command for better numeric ordering.
  • Fixed crash in ptUnrollEdges command when edges are outside the reference surface or polysurface.
  • Fixed a crash bug in ptPanelSurface and ptPanelGrid commands.
  • Fixed a crash bug when paneling with “Iso” option.
  • Toolbar commands now cancel current command when calling them.


Form vs. Shape 高级建模教学 – 新增影片

Hydraulic Design 出版的教学现在新增影片,这些教学可以填补学习 Rhino 有些什么工具与实际建模工作之间的空隙。

教材内容包括”在线” HTML 文件、可打印的 PDF 版本 (约 620 页,2300 张以上的操作画面截图) 及超过一小时的教学影片。



Cadwax 公布 12 个珠宝建模教学。



Savanna3D – 开始销售

Savanna3D 是一个内容丰富、有用的 Rhino 4.0 或以上版本使用的模型数据库,包含一千个以上,以用途分门别类的的 3D 模型档案 (3DM 格式),主要是以建筑、室内设计类的模型为主,使用者可以直接取用,大幅提升设计效率。

您可以向世界各地的 Rhino 经销商购买 Savanna3D。

  • 商业版售价为 US$/€195
  • 新上市优惠价格为 US$/€1452009年9月30日截止

VisualARQ for Rhino – Beta 7开放下载

VisualARQ for Rhino Beta 7 开放下载,这个版多了一些新功能及修正许多错误。这个 Beta 版已经几乎包含正式版的所有功能,是您可以开使始用 VisualARQ 的时候了。


Master in Advanced Design of Spaces and Materials – Barcel…

Elisava Escola Superior de Disseny (西班牙巴塞隆纳),隶属于 Universitat Pompeu Fabra 的教学机构,已开始接受 2009/2010 学年新的 Master in Advanced Design of Space and Materials 课程报名。
RhinocerosGrasshopperRhinoCAMRhinoMembrane 获选为数字设计与形构课程的进阶设计资源。

Flamingo 2.0 Service Release 1 正式版开放下载

Flamingo 2.0 SR 1 正式版开放下载


  • Cast shadows can now be turned off and on using a script.
  • Crash Fixes:
    • Cancelling a rendering sometimes crashed.
    • Processing the lights in the scene prior to rendering sometimes crashed.
    • Flamingo sometimes crashed when reading a Rhino model.
  • Evaluation version installer did not work with the Rhino 4 evaluation version installer. This is fixed.
  • Flamingo control panels now remember their previous locations.
  • Flamingo render window will now be visible if you mimize Rhino while rendering and then restore it when rendering is complete.
  • Groundcover works on closed curves and polylines.
  • Light Dome manager: Opening the light dome manager incorrectly collapsed the light dome tree in the Environment manager. This is fixed.
  • Lights with falloff values set are now rendered correctly.
  • When the License Manager cannot be contacted, Flamingo displays a message instead of crashing.

Marina Island Pangkor 即将开幕

Marina Island Pangkor 将于2009年10月开幕,所有的人都受邀参加,请空出您的时间。详情请见它的网站

该计划有60%的建筑、40%的景观、100%的装置艺术及100%的工业设计产品以 Rhino 设计。