Grasshopper for Rhino – 小改版

Grasshopper 0.50092 for Rhino 4.0 开放下载,这个版本是一个小改版,包含许多新功能与改善:


  • Setting a Graph back to None did not cause an update, this is fixed.
  • Graph mapper objects with no graphs failed to read back in. This is fixed.
  • Transformations that do not maintain similarity now properly deform non-deformable geometry types (circles, arcs and boxes become Nurbs curves and BReps respectively). This is fixed.
  • Orient transformation had a bug which resulted in erroneous mappings for some input cases, this is fixed.


  • EvaluateCurve component has an extra output for curve span length.
  • Curve divisions components have been moved into a separate category.


  • CurveFrame component
  • CurveHozirontalFrame component
  • CurvePerpendicularFrame component