Evolute最近发布新更新的EvoluteTools PROEvoluteTools Lite可兼容与Rhino 5 32位Beta版本,目前我们正努力制作64位版本。

EvoluteTools PRO同时也新增了一些新功能,并且发布许多教学影片


eCAADe Prague, 910-14

Advances in Architectural Geometry Paris927-30

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EvoluteTools新闻及研讨会》有 2 条评论

  1. EvoluteTools Lite 说:

    can you tell me how to install Evolute tools Lite ?thanks a lot!

    • Jessesn 说:

      Hi, please proceed as follows:

      . Extract the downloaded zip file to a location of your preference.
      . Start Rhino, drag & drop all Rhino plugin files onto it (EvoluteMeshingTools.rhp, etc). As an alternative, use the plugin manager of Rhino.
      . The toolbar should be loaded automatically, if not please drag & drop the toolbar.
      . Click one of the buttons, a registration window will pop up. Enter your email address and a license will be sent to it.


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