RhinoAir 第七个公开版本…

RhinoAir的第七个公开版本开放下载,RhinoAir 是 Rhino 4.0 的新的彩现外挂程序,更新摘要如下:

  • Subdivision surfaces: new option to render a polygon mesh as a Catmull-Clark subdivision surface (SDS)
  • Blobbies: new option to render a point cloud as a blobby implicit surface
  • Volume rendering: new option to render a point cloud as a volume primitive
  • Textured area lights
  • Render to an image file and the framebuffer simultaneously
  • New depth output channel
  • Internal changes to work properly with changes in Rhino 4 SR 4


Clement Greiner 已释出可以与 RhinoAir 及 BakeAir 搭配使用,用于烘培 (Baking) 纹理贴图的工具 – BakeRender 的工具。



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